A Song About a Chair

“It’s good enough to make you think, “I bet this is about something else. What is he really talking about? No one has THAT nice of a chair.”

-Understandable response to this masterpiece

It is a song about a literal chair. My drafting chair

105bpm – 9A(C/Am)

My chair, this almost white really tall drafting chair, was never really missing. And it’s never been anywhere near a beach. I do insist on using a drafting chair. Now you can all copy me and get yourself one also. It’s fine. You’ll be happy you got it.

Chair Not Found 404 Error?

I am ashamed for having tried to make a joke about my chair being missing and a 404 page.

It was like 5ft Away

5ft I didn’t feel like walking. So I put this masterclass of an American .Acoustic Folk piece together.

I just thought, now is the time to start writing the material required for living life as a professional beachside guitarist. So that when the time comes I can move right into being homeless by the beach with no problems.


And I stood there bare in the siftin' sands
Once had a chair, it slipped through my hands
Now it's just me and the endless tan
Oh where'd it go, my seaside stand?
Have you seen it, it used to be here
Left me solo with guitar and a tear
Some say it wandered, off to the dunes
Where the waves whisper, and the seagull croons
With every tide that's drawn in and out
It's like it vanished, just left me to doubt
Oh I'm standin', guitar in my hand
Barefoot and broken, where I used to stand
So if you see it, that runaway seat
Tell it I'm stranded here with these two bare feet
Lonesome strummin', in the salty air
Longing for the chair that left me in despair
I'm mad, I'm sad, I'm singin' to the sky
Wond'rin' how a chair just gets up and says goodbye
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